Our Facility - Fleet Vehicle Auto Body, Medium & Heavy Truck Collision, Blasting, Frame Repair, Detailing - Fleet Works Repair Centre

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Our Facilities

We have the most modern and state of the art facility in the area with the best equipment needed to do a proper repair in a timely manner.
· 22,000 square foot facility on 2 acres.
· Wheel & Axle Alignment Rack - Laser Measurements and Computerized Print Out
· Frame Alignment Rack - Frame gauges and measuring equipment - 50 ton capacity
· Differential housing press for straightening diff housings and an axle press for straigtening and aligning axles
· Snap-On diagnstics scan tool and programmer.
· Air Conditioning recharge system to reclaim, evacuate, and recharge your R134a.  
· 66 foot down draft paint booth with bake capabilities and split divider to do two smaller jobs at the same time.
· 10 ton over head shop crane
· 6,000 pound forklift.
· U-Bolt bending press.  
· City tractor for moving trailers.
· Wash/detail bay with pressure washer, vacuum, carpet cleaner, and polisher.  
· 60 foot blast booth with reclaim for steel grit abrasive
· Welding equipment for stick, TIG, MIG, aluminum, etc
· Paint mixing room with full PPG Delfleet paint system
· Fully computerized estimating systems for automotive and heavy vehicles.
· Fully computerized repair orders, parts tracking, and technician time tracking.
· Full set of shop tools and stocked parts room.  
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