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Non Insurance Related Estimates

Most of the repairs that we do are not related to an insurance claim.  As such, we provide our customers with written estimates.

When comparing estimates between repair facilites, it is important to identify the differences between them, and what is, and is not included.  There are numerous ways that many repairs can be done, so your input is needed to ensure that we are pricing out exactly the work that you need.  A lower overall price may mean that things are missing from an estimate, and a higher overall price may include things that you don't need or are missing from other estimates.  When the same work is priced out between different repair facilities, the costs will be very similar, as we all use the same parts and materials suppliers, hire employees from the same labor market, have similar overhead costs, etc.  If there are differences in estimates, there will be a reason why.  

Collision Repairs

We can do a preliminary visual inspection and write a draft estimate based on the damages that can been seen.  Many times this type of estimate is sufficient if the damages are minor, but is not very accurate when there are significant and hidden damages.

The best way to prepare a repair estimate is for the vehicle to be at our shop and we spend some time doing disassembly and inspection for hidden damages.  When this procedure is used, the estimate process is more effective, and results in faster overall repairs times.  

Frame, Axle, Suspension, and Driveline Repairs

In order to determine the repairs needed to these components, measurements need to be taken using the proper equipment.  A visual inspection will only provide a guidline of the expected repairs needed.  

Other Services

Many of the estimates that we prepare for our customers are not related to damages.  We do color changes, blasting and painting of new equipment, refurbishment of older units, etc.  Our experience with these types of services allows us to provide you with a very accurate estimate of the related costs.   

Online Estimates

Get a written estimate the easy way.  Submit the needed information to us electronically and we will reply to you promptly.  

When taking photos, please take them from at least 4 feet away so we can see the extent of the damages in relation to the unit.  We are able to zoom in on digital photos and do not need close ups of the damages.  To allow us to assess the damages properly, please ensure that damages are clean and properly lighted in the photos.  Please try to keep photo file sizes under 1MB each.  

You can submit this information using our Online Contact Form, or you can email it directly to us, and we will respond in a timely manner.  If you have more than 4 attachments while using our online form, just use the form again to send the rest.  

Information needed:
  • Owner and Contact Names
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Year, Make, Model, VIN.  This information can be photographed.
  • Photos from all four corners showing the full length and width of the unit in the photos.
  • Photos of the damages with one photo per damaged panel or part.
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